Described as a “light-hearted, fantasy romp”, this play written by Russell Eccleston, the actor who plays Rivac, and a co-founder of Black Dog Productions, had us laughing and chuckling within a few minutes and continued to do so all the way through. We were carried along in a hugely imaginative tale of bravery, fun, morals, love and friendship through the eyes of the five very individual and amusing characters involved. To their credit, the actors held our attention happily in this surreal place without the need for a scene change or a break. Of particular note for me was the amazing choreography of the fight scenes and the good taste it all left in your mouth, a welcome feel-good factor in these unusual times

It can be seen at:

The Rondo Theatre, Bath on July 14th 0333 666 3366

The Alma Tavern And Theatre, Bristol on July 16th & 17th

0117 973 5171