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 December 4, 2022

The Crown and the Cotswolds

The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham is inviting writers to submit a 15 minute play for possible inclusion in the Everyman Studio Theatre production of THE CROWN AND THE COTSWOLDS, to be performed by professional and community actors in April 2023.

Please submit your play by 23rd January to Caro Day at  There will also be an opportunity to discuss your draft scripts at Writers Lab on Thursday January 5th (to book for this, please contact the Everyman box office – participant numbers will be capped at 16 – on 01242 572573 Mon - Sat 9.30am - 6pm

They are anticipating that five scripts will be selected for production.

Some hints as to what they are looking for:

  • It’s best if your play is one continuous scene, i.e. not a series of short scenes.
  • Your play will be based on something that links Gloucestershire with the monarchy, e.g. Katharine Parr (wife of Henry VIII) and Sudeley Castle; or a popular local story, e.g. that Elizabeth I could have been a red-headed boy from Bisley. Maybe you know somebody who works at Highgrove who could share their story with you …
  • You can have between two and six characters in your play. No monologue plays, thanks.
  • Experiment with style. Perhaps your historical characters talk in modern parlance.  Maybe you write in blank verse to give your piece a classical feel.
  • Anticipating that our audience will be traditional theatregoers, please avoid swearing in your script.
  • Although this production will commemorate the coronation of King Charles III, don’t feel that your play needs to be jingoistic.
  • No references to Princess Diana, Prince Andrew, Harry or Meghan, please.
  • Though your play may be about George III, don’t feel that George himself needs to appear; maybe the action is seen through the eyes of his wife, his valet, his horse etc.

Feel free to submit more than one play. The Everyman Theatre looks forward to receiving your script(s) in January.


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