A Bit More Than A Book Launch,

Abdul-Ahad Patel introduces his book

“The Ghost of Shaolin”

 at The Wilson, Cheltenham, 31st August 2019

This was a very personal introduction to the writer, an “opening” to his journey and that of his book with all its blood, sweat and tears. It was a warm acknowledgement of family, friends and helpful critiques, and a celebration of the artistic talent of all those involved in bringing it to publication.

To whet our appetites, there were examples of the illustrations drawn by Abdul-Rasheed Patel, his father, and an extract of the fictional father and son as they set off on their voyage  but it was the discovery that the books were made by the author and graphic design artist Adam Taie themselves, that made us realise we should not anticipate an ordinary read.

The fifty handmade, limited edition copies, like this artist, defy stereotype. They have already sold out, but those of us not lucky enough to have procured one, were encouraged, at least,  to hear mention of a possible online version by the end of the year.