🗓 Mon 15th – Fri 19th February
💻Online (via YouTube)
🎟 Free (no booking required)

⭐️ Written and performed by Jonny Fluffypunk.

🔥 Co-presented by Strike A Light, Gloucestershire Libraries and The Pound.

At the end of a soon-to-be-closed-down pier in a forgotten seaside town, Pierre the pier handyman spends the last weeks as he always does: catching fish for his old bedridden mother and making strange and wonderful things from the rubbish he finds on the beach.

Then who should wash into his life but a homeless mermaid with a spiky attitude and a story to tell! And things aren’t going to be the same again… Can kindness lead to great things? Can a bit less litter make a difference? Can the world’s first human/mermaid rock ‘n’ roll band make big waves?