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Theme: My World

Poetry Judge: Sarah James/Leavesley

Poetry winner:
Marilyn Timms – Final Gig at the Motorway Services

Poetry runners-up:
Iris Anne Lewis – Earthrise
Christine Griffin – Old Times
Derek Healy – Uncharted

Poetry Highly Commended:
Michael Newman – Bird Feeding
Kathryn Alderman – How to Forecast During a Pandemic
Grace Spencer – Wanderings
Catherine Baker – Landscape with Roads
Clare Finnimore – Harebushes Wood
Val Ormrod – Hidden
Prose Judge: Tyler Keevil

Prose winner:
Robin Darrock – Strands

Prose runners-up:
Iris Anne Lewis – Two Dark Shadows
Tony Domaille – The Wall
Joanna Campbell – Cage in the Sky

Prose commended:
Catherine Brennan – Developing
Kim Botly – Turquoise
Lesley Evans – Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Liz Carew – Garden Party
Jan Turk Petrie – Moon Shadows
Michael Hurst – Late Fuel

Theme: Numbers

Poetry Judge: Stephen Daniels

Poetry winner:
Sarah Hemings – Vestry

Poetry runners-up:
Phil Kirby – Gathering
David Hale – Safety in Numbers
David Hale – Five Minutes

Poetry commended:
Michael Newman – Playing the Game
Phil Kirby – Scanner
Roger Hale –The Golden Ratio
Prose Judge: Amanda Reynolds

Prose winner:
Julie Carthy – Coping by Numbers

Prose runners-up:
Mandy Robotham – Numbers not required
Catherine Brennan – Private Number
Liz Carew – The Weigh-In

Prose commended:
Sophie Flynn – Countdown to the Kiss
Tom Ware– The Perfect 10
Joanna Campbell – Winter Starlings

Theme: East Meets West

Poetry Judge: Anna Saunders

Poetry winner:
David Hale – Cranes Flying

Poetry runners-up:
Catherine Baker – Waiting for the Boat
Derek Healy – Love’s Convergence
Marilyn Timms – Public School – Private Hell

Poetry commended:
Frances March
Samantha Pearce
Johnny Porter
Prose Judge: Kim Feet

Prose winner:
Emma Kernahan – The Locals

Prose runners-up:
Lynda Fowke – The Shawl
Iris Anne Lewis – Call me Shadi, Muna, Nasima
Marilyn Timms – Bride Price

Prose commended:
Ali Bacon
Joanna Campbell
Kathy O’Grady

Theme: Who Do We Think We Are?

Poetry Judge: Roy McFarlane

Poetry Winner:
Frances March – 1956: Sheltered

Poetry Runners up:
Julie Wiltshire – I am a Memorial to the Tortured Soul
Belinda Rimmer – Scoot
Liz Carew – Ferr’Agosto Day
Irene Anne Lewis – Matryoshka
Jennie Farley – Changes
Prose Judge: Lania Knight

Prose Winner:
Nastasya Parker – The Maze

Prose Runners up:
Judith Green – The day is marked; the minutes taken, captured, fact to fiction; fact …
Jeff Taylor – Stories from a Geriatric Ward
Val Ormrod – This Day, This Day
Jim Moeller – Benefits
Cindy Moss – Deep Breath

Theme: ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’

Poetry Judge: Phil Kirby

Poetry Winner:
Gill Garrett – The Irish Girls 1968

Poetry Runners up:
Lania Knight – Virgil Hits the Trail
Derek Healy – Giving Away
Judith van Dijkhuizen – How to Enjoy Learning the Piano
Julie Allan – Landscape. Or portrait.
Michael Newman – Tree Talk
Shauna Robertson – His Own North
Prose Judge: Eugene Lambert

Prose Winner:
Alex Clark – Shoals

Prose Runners up:
Christine Griffin – Homecoming
Michael Hurst – A Hundred and Three Miles
Graham Bruce Fletcher – X47B
Christine Griffin – An Album of Postcards

Theme: Crossroads

Poetry Judge: Angela France

Poetry Winner:
Judith van Dijkhuizen – Bridge House

Poetry Runners up:
Anna Saunders – Between Dog and Wolf
Iris Lewis – Woodland Burial
Dominic James – North Bound Train
Chris Hemingway – A Heritage Day trip on the Hellhound Bus
Toni Wilde – Suspicion
David Ashbee – The Bird Table
Prose Judge: Sophie Livingston

Prose Winner:
Philip Douch – Drive

Prose Runners up:
Rick Vick – Seeing
John Holland – Strange Fruit – An Imagining
J R Moeller – Taking Tea with the Natives
Gill Garrett – Epiphany

Theme: Brave New World

Poetry Judge: David Clarke

Poetry Winner:
Sheila Spence – Brave New Person

Poetry Runners up:
Judi Marsh – They are left books …
Derek Healy – New Ways to War, 1914
Allegra Etheridge/Russell Burgess – Six Gig of RAM
Guy Hunter – Special Delivery
Marianne Hellwig John – Inheritance
Jay Ramsay – Vision from Assisi
Prose Judge: Wilkie Martin

Prose Winner:
Iris Lewis – No Small Thing

Prose Runners up:
Christine Griffin – The City of Light
Gill Garrett – The Drop
Christine Godsell – The End . . . Or The Beginning
Sue Cross – The Tornado
Graham Fletcher – All Men Are Fools. And what makes them so is having beauty like what I have got. . .

Theme: Memory

Poetry Judge: Jennie Farley

Poetry Winner:
Gill Garrett – Retrospect

Poetry Runners up:
Eley Furrell – Swarf
Miki Byrne – Coal Thieves
Cedric Pickin – Pickin
Derek Healy – Walking Leckhampton
Judith van Dijkhuizen – Lotti
Malcolm Williams – Grandmother
Prose Judge: Jennifer Cryer

Prose Winner:
Pauline Kiernan – The Fat Man at The Bar

Prose Runners up:
Marilyn Timms – Amitriptylene revisited
John Holland – The Song
Jan Petrie – Memento Mori
Wendy Campbell – I wish
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