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August 24, 2020

Children's Book Written during Lockdown - Sophie Ferguson

The lockdown has been a very difficult time for so many but there have been some important positives and I think it is good for us all to acknowledge them to keep the spirits lifted.

For my part, as a police officer for the last 25 years, I had never written a book and had forgotten that I really enjoy drawing and painting.

Forced to spend more time at home (which I love but there are always visits to be made on days off) I missed my two year old Granddaughter so much that I wrote and illustrated her a story…and then another.

'Granny and Grumps Go for a Walk' is based on the hour long exercise we were permitted at the first stage of lockdown, and I am lucky enough to live in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside. The young reader will enjoy guessing which animal is spotted next and the comfort of the short verse.

'Granny and Grumps Have a Visitor' documents the excited anticipation of our Granddaughter coming to visit when restrictions eased-even amongst the creatures and the insects in the garden. The ensuing chaos is short lived before the day flashes by in an instant.

With pages including the family cat;
(‘Pippy was snoozing. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to play, or he wanted to hide!’) and the deer with the waggly ears along with the ‘Flickering, fluttering patterns and colours’ of the butterfly and her friends, hopefully my Granddaughter will appreciate these as much as an adult as she does as a two year old.


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