Today we’d like to share some very special news about a very special Glos Writer, Miki Byrne, who’s just had published her 500th piece of writing – a poem titled River Rising.

She is one of GWN’s longest serving members and has both won and been placed in the GWN competition several times over the years and is an inspiration to us all.

Miki is the author of poetry collections ‘Nice bits & Hissy-fits’ ‘Flying Through Houses’ and Mackerel Sky’. She has had work included in over 200 poetry magazines/anthologies, including the Raving Beauties Anthology published by Bloodaxe, Wraith Infirmity Muses Inaugural issue and D/deaf/Disabled Poetry Anthology by Nine Arches Press. Other poems have been included in Popshot, Obsessed with Pipework, Acumen and Tears in the Fence.  Miki has read on Carlton TV and BBC TV and on numerous radio stations. Venues she has read in include The Crescent Theatre in Birmingham, Cheltenham Poetry Festival, Cheltenham Literature Festival, Ledbury Poetry Festival and Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre.  Miki was a finalist for Gloucestershire Poet Laureate.  Her poems have been in Poems in the Waiting Room, a joint NHS/Arts Council initiative.  She has also had a number of articles published. Miki founded and ran In Your Own Words poetry group at The Roses Theatre Tewkesbury.  Miki began reading her work in a Bikers Club in Birmingham.  She is disabled and now lives near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire UK.

She says ‘ … I began writing in the year 2000. The poem ‘River Rising’ is my 500th poem to be included in a magazine or anthology. I would not have achieved this, or written the poems that have not yet been accepted somewhere, if it was not for the help of fellow poets, workshops and poetry books already available. Being disabled I don’t see many of you. Knowing you are all out there helps a lot. …’

We’re sure you’ll all join in with us in wishing Miki many more years of successful publishing and we are pleased to share with you her 500th published work! Enjoy.

River  Rising. 


River creeps, tumbles, rages.

Works up a frenzy of force.

Sucks bones of buildings bare.

Tears out roots of lives.

Hurls possessions with the abandon

of a party drunk who cares nought

for destruction.

Water spreads like infection

through a town where tears

add to its increase and a woman

screams at nature.

Falls howling to her knees in turgid water.

Sullen skies deposit misery

in rain-fuelled surges, the foetid rise

of drains.

Homes are consumed, sliced away

from foundations, slurped down

into wet maws of sunken roads.

Dragged in the violent sweep

of muscular currents.

Pumps roar, sandbag lines snake

into futile barricades.

Red boats stutter through the flood

as life attempts to progress.

Yellow clad men ease a disabled boy

over his bedroom windowsill.


Accepted ( by courtesy of Editor Marie Lightman) by the Writer’s Café theme ‘Elements’.  October 2018.