Evesham Festival of Words Poetry Competition

As well as their Six Word Story Competition (deadline 17th May), Evesham Festival of Words have launched a Poetry Competition (deadline 12th June).

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Sue Johnson and Joy Thomas will re-start their workshops at Tesco St Oswalds, Gloucester and Tewkesbury Library, as soon as they are able to.

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Writing Inspiration from the Literary Consultancy

Explore free resources for writers: An Inspiration Page, through the Literary Consultancy.

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Six Word Story Competition

'For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.' - Ernest Hemingway

Six words that just say everything.

One from the last Evesham's Festival of Words' competition: 'He's home early. Quick the wardrobe!'

The Competition is open to anyone over the age of 12 - perfect for families in lockdown to bat around ideas, even if you're having to communicate electronically.

A few rules

Closing date: 5pm, Sunday 17th May 2020. Stories received after this date/time will not be considered.
Entries: The Competition is open to anyone over the age of 12.
Judges: Cheryl Burman, Noelle Chambers, Jan Dawson and Lynne Powell.

Each story must be no more than six words.
Entrants may submit a maximum of six stories. These should all be submitted at the same time.
Stories must be submitted by email to: info@eveshamfestivalofwords.org. Your name, address, contact telephone number, and your stories, must all be contained in the body of the email. Entries that do not comply with the Rules will be disqualified.
An acknowledgement will be sent by the Competition Coordinator on receipt of your entry.

Prizes: There will be prizes for the winning, 2nd and 3rd placed stories - £10 book token; £5 book token, and a box of chocolates.

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Free Wellbeing Webinars

Get involved in free, wellbeing webinars this Easter weekend to raise money for the NHS and care workers.
These fun webinars have been designed to offer practical tips and tools to help people through these challenging and rapidly changing times.

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Online Poetry Mentoring

Would you like to work with a tutor/mentor in the comfort of your own home?


Anna Saunders is the author of 6 acclaimed collections of poetry and has a Masters in Creative and Critical Writing. She runs a popular writing class, and is now able to offer more places as Write Club has gone online.
Each class includes an emailed worksheet and you will receive 1-2-1 feedback on 2 poems.
Anna also offers mentoring sessions.

£10 per class. £40 for 5.
For more details, email Anna at Cheltpoetryfest@gmail.com

'Write Club classes and the ideas they generate help me to think freshly about writing and poems.' Duncan Forbes
'Anna offers guidance in a wonderfully constructive way.' Niall Campell

National Poetry Writing Month

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Free Poetry Study Course

Beginning 20/04/20, free unseen poetry study course.
Improve your analysis and creative writing skills.
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Stay at Home! Literary Festival

Check out the Stay at Home! Literary Festival here!

'Life in Isolation' Live Public Journal

'Life in Isolation' is a live public journal and online community which aims to bring people together in a positive way, as we navigate the global challenges of COVID-19, and a very uncertain future. Never before have we faced such a transformational way of life. As British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan once said in 1957: Britons 'have never had it so good' and now we’re being asked to do without, stay indoors, socially distance ourselves from friends and relatives and put our lives and businesses on hold.

This is the ultimate leveler for humankind; so how are we really going to cope?

‘Life in Isolation’ aims to document real stories, from real people, how we adapt and develop, and how we overcome the obstacles we face when living in isolation, whilst celebrating the true human spirit across the nation as we learn to cope with a new way of living.


As well as the practical and the topical, we want to be able to show the human side to living with COVID-19. This is a community where people can share stories that lift our spirits and inspire. We want people to showcase the positive and the good will as well as the humorous (counteracting the media hysteria), whilst also providing interesting, entertaining, and relatable stories, to provide comfort and ensure that the true spirit of our nation and the world prevails through

We want all of these stories from the heart, to echo real people’s experiences and reflections.

This is 100% NON-PROFIT and purely to help keep spirits high and unite our communities. We hope the content will bring together an incredibly positive community group whilst people are stuck in-doors.

Click here for the 'Life in Isolation' Facebook page.
Click here for the 'Life in Isolation' Instagram page.
Website on the way!

Online Novel Writing Course

Now may be the perfect time to write that novel you've always wanted to publish!

Click here for Amanda's online novel writing course.