Call for Writers

Clare Roberts, a postgraduate student at the University of Gloucestershire, is putting out a call for writers to help with her ‘Personalised Poetry and Flash Fiction’ research project.

The project is a website for people to commission poems or short stories for friends and loved ones on birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

She is researching the idea for her MA in Creative and Critical Writing at the University of Gloucestershire and would like to hear from poets and short story writers who would be willing to write brief pieces based on clients’ answers to a questionnaire, a few photos, and perhaps a short phone call.

She is currently trialing the idea, so would also be grateful for feedback from writers.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Clare Roberts on or 07946 703729.

Peter Wyton Gears up for 2019...


I am now at last fully retired from what Phillip Larkin termed ‘the toad work’, following a many faceted career which began, delivering and connecting laundry all over Belfast in the summer of 1959, at the unimaginable salary of £3 a week. If I have a proud boast at all, it is that I have never been unemployed since, until I skidded to a halt in the late spring of this year of 2018. PETER WYTON GEARS UP FOR 2019

I am now in a position where I can enjoy myself – and what I enjoy is entertaining people with my poetry. I am NOT a teacher. I have neither a degree to my name, nor any aspirations to special merit beyond those laid out below. Within those limits I aim to present a pleasant programme for groups and societies throughout Gloucestershire and neighbouring counties. My e-mail address is at the foot of the page. Drop me a hint and I will endeavour to fit in with your requirements

I began to write poetry at school & appeared on B.B.C. Radio Children’s Hour in Belfast, for which I was paid the princely sum of 7/6d per broadcast, which did nothing to persuade me to follow a literary career. Instead, I joined the R.A.F. and served for 36 years. Such poetry as I wrote in uniform tended be caricatures my long-suffering aircrew colleagues..

Discovering, back in civilian life, the world of page and performance poetry, I have presented my work at Festivals, Arts Centres and a wide variety of venues from Penzance to the Kingdom of Fife, and from Aldeburgh to the Glens of Antrim.

I have eight published collections to my name, two of which are still in print. The most recent ‘Not All Men Are From Mars’, has raised over £2000 for the charity ‘Women’s Aid.’

The staff of the magazine Smiths Knoll recommended one of my poems for the Forward Prize in the one of the 1990s, but it turned out to be a case of ‘close but no cigar’.

Anthologies in which I have featured are numerous, the pick of them being the 1997 Forward Book Of Poetry, in which poems are printed in alphabetical order, so I have the back page all to myself! Presumably Benjamin Zephaniah must have been having an off year that year!  Also, the New Oxford Book Of War Poetry in which the editor, John Stallworthy, paid tribute to a poem in the Introduction and (again, with fortuitous use of alphabetical order bunged me in between Wordsworth and Yeats!)

I have won 25 1st Prizes in written competition, loads of 2nds, thirds and ‘commendeds’ galore, as well over performance poem Slam wins.

I was Gloucestershire Millennium Poet in the year 2000 and Poet Laureate to the Towton Battlefield Association in Yorkshire.

Further work has appeared in the Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Daily Express.

I broadcast regularly on B.B.C. Radio Gloucestershire, as Breakfast Bard on the Mark Cummings Show and my work has also featured on B.B.C. Radio 2 ‘s ‘Poetry Please’ and ‘Something Understood.’ I have, for some years, had a regular poetry column in Cotswold Life magazine.

I have regularly addressed local branches of the W.I., Probus and similar organisations at their monthly meetings.

I can be contacted at

Jan Turk Petrie celebrates second book launch...

Following the successful launch of her Nordic near future thriller ‘Until the Ice Cracks, Pintail Press have just published the second book in Jan's Eldísvík trilogy: ‘No God for a Warrior.’
Jan was interviewed about the first books on Corinium Radio’s Writer’s Room and you can hear this on the link below).
Jan will be recording a follow up interview about the new book and this will be broadcast shortly.

Interview with Rona Laycock on Corinium Radio 22 April 2018

Clare Finnimore and Gill Garrett interview Rona Laycock about her writing life and influences. The programme, ‘In Focus’, is available below, on the Corinium Radio website and here.

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