Stroud Short Stories Competition.

Stroud Short Stories is currently open for your submissions but closes at the end of Sunday 29 September. Ten stories will be chosen for the Sunday 10 November event at the lovely 150-seater Cotswold Playhouse in Stroud for what will be the 19th SSS event.
It's free to submit as always, and it's an open theme so any subject matter or style is welcome. SSS accepts both unpublished and previously published stories.
This event is part of the Stroud Book Festival.
Tickets, priced at £8, will go on sale on Friday 11 October on the Cotswold Playhouse website - by which time the ten stories and their authors will be announced.
SSS Organiser John Holland has a new co-judge this time - brilliant short story author Chloe Turner.
All the information you need is on the SSS website - http://stroudshortstories.

Buzzwords - final competition call ;)

This is the last day to polish your entries and send them off to Buzzwords.

1st prize-£600.   Runner-up- £300.    5 x commended-£50 each.

Sole Judge:  Graham Burchell - who will read all entries

The Gloucestershire Prize- £200. (for Gloucestershire residents only).

A;; entries post marked 24.08.19 will be included - what a way to start the ank Holiday !!


Please see the Buzzwords Website HERE for more information and entry details

Good Luck to everyone

Be the next Poet Laureate...

The Hunt is on! Searching for Gloucestershire’s Next Poet Laureate.

Nominations are open from now until the closing date on Friday 27th September 2019 at 5pm

The Gloucestershire Poet Laureate

The Gloucestershire Poet laureate will be a poet, resident of the county. A page poet, performance poet, or spoken word artist that will have been nominated by people living in Gloucestershire.

The Role of the Gloucestershire Poet Laureate

The role of the Poet Laureate will be to champion poetry across the county in a range of settings providing an opportunity for the people of Gloucestershire to experience poetry in its many forms. They will support events and enable and encourage participation for all, including the most marginalised and socially excluded across the county.

Nominations and closing date

Nominations are open from now till 27th September 2019 where nominees will get a chance to share their poetry at an event on 12th October at The Olympus Theatre!

Judging who will be The Next Gloucestershire Poet Laureate

Judges from Gloucestershire’s poetry community will select the winner and nominees will be invited back to the Olympus Theatre where the current Poet Laureate, Brenda Read-Brown, will share her work and announce the new Poet Laureate.

How can I nominate a Gloucestershire poet?

If you live in Gloucestershire and would like to nominate a Gloucestershire poet: Send in an A4 attachment ( Word or PDF ) of no less than 400 words, detailing why your nominated poet should become the next Gloucestershire Poet Laureate. By email to:

I’m a Gloucestershire poet and want to nominate myself

If you are a poet living in Gloucestershire and would like to nominate yourself: Send in an A4 attachment ( Word or PDF ) of no less than 400 words, detailing why you would like to be the next Gloucestershire Poet Laureate. By email to:


SSS - Advance Notice

Stroud Short Stories will open for submissions to its 10 November event on Sunday 18 August. Submissions will close on Sunday 29 September.
It's an open theme this time so send them a story on any subject. Let your imagination be your guide.
As always its free to submit and they accept both unpublished and published pieces.
All the information you need about the rules and how to submit is on their website -
Organiser John Holland has a new co-judge this time - Chloe Turner, who has read on four occasions at SSS and has just published her first collection of short stories, Witches Sail in Eggshells.
This event will be part of the Stroud Book Festival and will take place at the spacious 150-seater Cotswold Playhouse, which SSS sold out in May.
Why not subscribe to SSS newsletters so you don't miss a thing -
Thank you

Thank you every one who entered our Competition 2019.

We hope your enjoyed meeting the challenge of our 'Numbers' theme.

If you took inspiration from our new 'How to get started' section this year - we'd love some feedback.

The entries are now winging their way to the judges - Stephen Daniels (Poetry) and Amanda Reynolds (Prose)

We look forward to hearing the winning entries later in the year during the Times and The Sunday Times Cheltenham Literature Festival

What a fantastic platform to celebrate your work.

Thank you for entering and enjoy a Summer of writing.

All the best

GWN Team


Final Day !

Hello Writers
We've reached the FINAL DAY of this year's GWN competition. Please send us your prose & poetry by midnight tonight.
Our judges Amanda Reynolds & Stephen Daniels are looking forward to reading your entries

We're looking forward to congratulating our 2019 winners. Good luck all!

GWN Team

Final countdown - 1 week to go !

Good morning Writers
Here’s your one week – FINAL reminder!

Our Numbers themed competition closes on the 14th July – You have just 1 week to complete and submit your entry for 2019.

Here are a few famous 'ones' for inspiration:



  • One Flew over the cuckoos nest
  • The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency
  • A Widow for One Year
  • One, two, buckle my shoe
  • A Room of One's Own - OK, maybe were stretching it a bit here but you get the drift !

Full details on how to enter plus a few ideas on how to get started are on our Competitions page

Good luck and we look forward to receiving your entries

Happy Writing


Countdown... 2

Good morning Writers

Here is your two week reminder!

Our Numbers themed competition closes on the 14th July – You have just 2 weeks to complete and submit your entry for 2019.

Please see our competition section for more information and ideas.

Here are a few famous Twos...

The Twin Towers (Tolkein)

A Tale of Two Cities (Dickens)

Richard II

And you have a full TWO WEEKS  to write a couplet.

Happy Writing every one ;))

Definition of Couplet

A couplet is a literary device that can be defined as having two successive rhyming lines in a verse, and has the same meter to form a complete thought. It is marked by a usual rhythm, rhyme scheme, and incorporation of specific utterances.

It could be an independent poem, and might be a part of other poems, such as sonnets in Shakespearean poetry. If a couplet has the ability to stand apart from the rest of the poem, it is independent, and hence it is called a “closed couplet.” A couplet that cannot render a proper meaning alone is called an “open couplet.”

One of the commonly used couplet examples are these two lines from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet:

“The time is out of joint, O cursed spite
That ever I was born to set it right!”

Types of Couplets

  • Short Couplet
  • Split Couplet
  • Heroic Couplet (Closed and Open Couplets)
  • Shakespearean Couplet
  • Alexandrine Couplet
  • Qasida
  • Chinese Couplet


Two lines - Two weeks to go ;))

Happy writing everyone!

Countdown... 3

Good morning Writers
Here’s your three week reminder!

Our Numbers themed competition closes on the 14th July – You have just 3 weeks to complete and submit your entry for 2019.





Don't forget the power of 3!

Three blind mice

3 wise men

Only £8.00 for 3 entries


Try these techniques from Max Atkinson for incorporating groups of three into your work:

Use three identical words - as in Tony Blair’s famous use of ‘Education, education and education’ to set out his top three priorities for Government.

Use three different words - such as ‘Friends, Romans, Countrymen’ from William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

Use three phrases - as in Abraham Lincoln’s ‘Government of the people by the people for the people’.

Use three sentences - as demonstrated by Winston Churchill’s historic description of the Battle of Britain: ‘This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’


Want to try something new??

Poetic form - the TRICUBE:   by Phillip Larrea.

Here are the rules of tricubes:

  • Each line contains three syllables.
  • Each stanza contains three lines.
  • Each poem contains three stanzas.
  • Tricubes. 3 stanzas by 3 lines by 3 syllables.


Happy Writing

Countdown... 4

Hello Writers

Here is your 4 week reminder!
Our Numbers themed competition closes on the 14th July – You have just 4 weeks to complete and submit your entry for 2019.

We haven't seen too many Clerihews come our way yet!

Still, never mind...  only 4 weeks to have a go at a new form to grab the judges attention - and here are a few more 4's to whet your appetite :)

  • Dodoitsu. 4-line Japanese form.
  • Bref Double. French quatorzain.
  • Byr a Thoddaid Poems. Welsh quatrain
  • Quatrain
  • Imayo. 4-line Japanese poem with a pause in the middle of each line.

Happy Writing!