From little acorns…..
Report on the GWN event on 6 October by Sharon Webster

It is Sunday evening at the Cheltenham Literature Festival. Autumn is doing its best to beguile with its blustery rays and scattered bronzes and in the ‘Nook’ we are listening to the winners of the GWN Competition recite their poems and short stories. It is a warm, friendly atmosphere eager to be pleased and it is not difficult for the pieces are read with clarity and expression, striking in the diversity of their interpretation of the theme ‘numbers’ and hugely enjoyable. We are for a moment guests in lives touched by the routine, the tragic, the misjudged and, in the nature of these things, left to reflect, ponder, giggle.

We are not done. It is the turn of the poetry judge, Stephen Daniels, and prose judge, Amanda Reynolds to throw exerts of their collections and most recent work into the ring and to inspire with a flavour of their literary journeys.

The GWN is all about promoting writing in Gloucestershire and South Gloucestershire and so it is also gratifying to note the different writing groups represented in the audience, the increased number of entrants to the competition and the various levels of experience and geographical spread of those who have been successful.
We start to make our way home. Outside it is dark now and chill, the day is ending. For some though this event will achieve what is intended, it will be a beginning.

For more photos of the event, take a look at our Competition page.